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Pastor Aqueelah Wheatley, M.S. has used her degrees and experience to encourage and empower others through transparent guidance and sound logical advice.

Pastor Aqueelah Wheatley, M.S. discovered a passion and enhanced understanding of "the word" at 18 years of age and eventually began preaching at the young age of 21; However, it would be 10 years before her calling as a ministry leader would be fulfilled. Now an Ordained and Licensed Pastor, Aqueelah is able to support individuals and families of all walks of life through the provision of spiritual, couple, and family counseling services under the coverings of The Breakout Church Cleveland and GODISREAL Ministries. 

Aqueelah has a genuine interest in and empathy for individuals, teens, and families and devotes herself to the needs of the community through her work in the field of human services. Aqueelah has extensive experience working with families in crisis by helping them to recognize their current strengths and untapped potential.  She also thrives at assisting families to remove barriers through consistent support, open & straightforward communication, as well as proper linkage with appropriate resources as able. Pastor Aqueelah Wheatley, M.S. believes that prayer and practicality should go hand and hand and understands an equal need that exists for both. 

Pastor Aqueelah Wheatley, M.S. has formal training in the fields of Marriage & Family Therapy, Therapeutic Behavioral Services, and Family Advocacy practices. In conjunction with her work as a Behavioral Health Specialist, Aqueelah is also employed as a Care Counselor and Life Coach with Cerebral. 


Pastor Aqueelah Wheatley, M.S is an active Doctoral candidate at Walden University with plans to combine her understanding of both the spirit and mind to help clients achieve balance as well as the level of spiritual and natural awareness that is needed for true autonomy. 

So if you want real... You got it!! With the compassion of a mother and the candid and loving nature of a best friend, Pastor Aqueelah Wheatley, MS. is providing answers to questions most people are too frightened to ask and opening up a  platform for unbiased dialogue welcoming topics some might find to be too risky for your typical Sunday service. Journey home and take an opportunity to finally meet the you, you always wished you could be!

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